What's the deal with Russia's procedures on IF?

Flight planning is pretty difficult when flying into Russia because I can’t find any charts that match the procedures in IF, for UUEE at least. The charts on Russia’s AIP have waypoints that don’t even exist on IF, and I’m a big realism guy so that’s pretty frustrating. Anyone know what’s up with that?


that’s russia for you


Hey there!

Infinite Flight sources its navigation data though NavBlue, a third party company. They are owned by Airbus. These are out of the hands of the developers, and really dependent on what is given to NavBlue from the Russian aviation commission. At the same time, it has to be noted that Infinite Flight only updates their navigation once a month when navigation and airport updates are shipped. It is entirely possible that the procedure that you might be looking to use is either outdated, or has only just recently been introduced that has yet to be reflected in Infinite Flight.

I completely understand your grievances, and I too hope that there are some more accurate procedures which hopefully may come in the future. Until then, the best we could do is hang in there and work with what we’ve got.


Ah you’re right, this is not really an IF issue then is it 😓. I guess this can be closed then

This has nothing to do with Russia at all. NavBlue is, along with Jeppesen and Lido, one of the major navigation data providers, and since I did an internship at Lido I can assure you that these companies receive most actual available data from EVERY country. I’m currently enroute to UUDD. I use Navigraph to display charts (Jeppesen charts), and none of the procedures published by Jeppesen are in the NavBlue database used by IF. I would have to check by which AIRAC cycle the Jeppesen procedures became effective, but it actually doesn’t matter since these procedures definitely have to be implemented in every Nav database once they become effective. The only thing I don’t know how frequently IF receives updates from NavBlue.

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your point?

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