What's the cheapest ticket to LHR from KWI?(including connections)

I am planning to visit London so I was checking the price on google but google was giving overpriced results. I checked some airlines websites for some discount fares but no luck. There were many options but I want the community to tell which would be best.

  • Kuwait Airways
  • Emirates
  • Etihad
  • Qatar
  • Lufthansa
  • KLM
  • Gulf Air

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What dates were you looking for?

buy tickets from an airline that youve never heard of

You’ve forgotten BA - unless you don’t want to go direct if that’s what you’ve specified in the title.

For what date are you departing exactly? It was never stated.

KWI-LHR-KWI return for two people on the 19th-26th April is 300 KWD with BA.

Go to Cheap O Air.com It compares all the Airlines (except Southwest) and finds the cheapest fare

No. My relatives booked through them once and had the money taken three times and confirmation didn’t come for the flights for a month.


Well, my dad got $400 round trip flights to Paris from DFW on Cheap O Air

I think Turkish Airlines is much cheaper than those options

i wudnt trust cheapoair tbh
they can’t even get the fleets right…
apparently they think that copa owns an a380


Google flights does me well. Just search flights from x to y into google and it will show you all flights round trip on all airlines except for Southwest.

I think Turkish Airlines or Atlasglobal would be a perfect choice. Or you might want to try Gulf Air 😊

Please stop making these types of topics.


How are we supposed to magically know this? You do realise Google Flights isn’t the only way to search for flights 😐