What's the best way you can describe flying?

Just saw this quote thought it was a good one. So I’d love hear other’s on how they describe flying to some one whose never experience it yet.

"Alicia, I wish I could tell you about these pilots. They make me sick with envy. They ride their vehicles the way a man controls a fine, well-trained quarter horse. They weave along stream beds, rise like swallows to clear trees, they turn and twist and dip like swifts in the evening. I watch their hands and feet on the controls, the delicacy of the coordination reminds me of the sure and seeming slow hands of [Pablo] Casals on the cello. They are truly musicians’ hands and they play their controls like music and they dance them like ballerinas and they make me jealous because I want so much to do it.

Remember your child night dream of perfect flight free and wonderful? It’s like that, and sadly I know I never can. My hands are too old and forgetful to take orders from the command center, which speaks of updrafts and side winds, of drift and shift, or ground fire indicated by a tiny puff or flash, or a hit and all these commands must be obeyed by the musicians hands instantly and automatically. I must take my longing out in admiration and the joy of seeing it.
Sorry about that leak of ecstasy, Alicia, but I had to get it out or burst."
(That was Steinbeck, writing of helicopter pilots in Vietnam)


I’ve actually flew like a month ago and here’s what it thought: Flying is the most beautiful, inspiring and most glorious thing a man can experience. Flying for the first time felt the most incredible feeling I’ve ever felt. Flying is like an artform, the pilots fly that plane through the endless sea of clouds as passionately and as smooth as an artist carefully brushing his paintbrush along his painting. (Quote made by me): If I ever die flying, don’t cry for me for even though I did die, I died doing what I love the most…FLYING! That’s my opinion and I’m pretty sure that some people who’ve flown plenty of times have a much more beautiful words than me.


I would say there is no way to describe, its really the experience that defines flying


If there was anything I am addicted to- it’s flying. Plain and simple.

As a corporate pilot in my company most pilots avg 30-40 hrs a month. I avg 62-70. After about 4 days off I get some serious withdrawals and end up picking up bonus trips. Double the pay and I get to fly. Win. Win.

“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.” - Leonardo da Vinci

Could not have said it better myself 😊


It’s hard to put into words. For small aircraft at least, the best feeling for me is that really short moment just before lift-off when the wings tell you their ready to fly. The plane kind of reminds me of a puppy waiting for you to throw a ball. Then you pull back on the yoke and set it free to the wind. Just can’t beat the feeling escaping the ground…


Flying is something that feels natural to the human nature because when we were kids we’d all look up and admire the birds flying around up in the sky and just think “Man, I wish I was a bird.” So when you get to fly you can just imagine being a bird and at least for me I still marvel at how a 400 ton aircraft can stay aloft 7 miles in the sky. Flying never ceases to amaze me.


You get the most spontaneous views, and you get to fly with a amazing crew. That’s the point of flying!


How I sometimes describe soaring flight to passengers:

Soaring feels like you’re getting away with something that you’re not supposed to, but at such a massive scale. Almost as if you’re pulling one over on Mother Nature herself.


The feeling when I get off the ground in a commercial airliner is the feeling of pure awe how the massive metal bird I’m in is somehow gliding though the sky. It makes me think of how far humanity has come.


When I was a little kid: Amazing, it was something really special.

Now when I am fully grown: Pain and missery, please make it stop!

When sitting in economy class: Mmm… 3 more hours of sitting in the same place.

When actually flying: pure bliss. the plane goes wherever you want, it responds immediately, and to me is the best felling in the world.

To me, flying is a privilege, and not a right. :)


Flying description in 3 words

Good without Ryanair
Great food
Nice feeling when taking off and landing

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Flying is magical. The ability to be up in the clouds, traveling at 500 miles an hour. I honestly can’t describe the way flying makes me feel, other than magical.


You get a little sick

I couldn’t have put it any better. The feeling of being at the edge of the lower atmosphere, traveling faster than any other form of commercial travel. Some people hate flying, but I love it. Even when in economy flying is still an amazing experience.


Flying is amazing! It is fun! When accelerating down the runway, you can feel yourself pushed back into the chair/seat the feeling in your feet when the wheels leave the ground makes you feel really good.

During flight, take a nice look outside the window as they are times when you can get really good scenery!

During final approach and landing, you have to do a little bit of work to pop your ears as your plane descends. When on final, one can see the close-ups of the ground and seeing cars that look like ants. Touching down feels really satisfying as your feet can feel the wheels touch the ground and you feel yourself going forward as the plane is slowing down. Luckily the seat belt is there to hold you back in your seat.

Overall, flying is AWESOME!!!


AGREE! I mean there wouldn’t be a day that I didn’t want to go to work!


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