What's the best VA for IF out there?

I joined Qantas and all they let me fly is B717-200.

VA’s. Best? There are noneI Real Airplane Drivers are not Lemmings. They don’t need the fawning support of others or a Leader seeking the trappings of idolatry. Look to the Aviation Hall of Fame, the Legions like Lindburg, VonRichtoffin, Post, Shellenburger. Men standing alone against the elements, souring with Eagles. You don’t need no stinking VA you’ve got the IF Community. Just Sayin, Max Sends


Max speaks a lot of truth in this one.
VA’s are nothing but trouble in my opinion. They are created by those who feel they have a need to control others and inflate their own egos with an unwarranted sense of self importance. When this is challenged or others use the same airline there’s all sorts of name calling and nastiness.
You don’t need a VA to fly with friends in this app.


http://iffgunitedcontinen.wix.com/operations. I only flown one flight but they really make the infinite flight experience a lot better. Inflight Announcements, Flight Reports, and Operations Control Center :smile:

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@ThaiPilot. Interesting link. Correct me if I’m wrong, it appears to me that this link and some other VA’s and IF Flight Tracker are “Parasitic Growths”. They latched on to a Successful Site like IF and siphoning off bits and pieces they can legally capture in virtual space without benefit to the original entrepreneur. Bad JuJu.
Max Sends


Well said Max. I remember back in my MS Sim days, the plethora of VA’s, but really didnt account for much. Too many people who just liked control. Doing your own thing without restrictions, and the community support to me is a much better experience.

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With United you can fly all of our aircraft off the bat.

They are not all bad. I have even trained new players how to properly take off, land and use atc. Anything the allows others to better themselves are not all bad. My .02

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Hi @Ani67,

Sorry this wasn’t read by us earlier. Before I begin, by being a member of this Virtual Airline it does not mean you cannot fly any aircraft you like, however if you choose to file a PIREP; aircraft type and flight number must be correct.

So the reason why you’re ‘stuck’ flying the Boeing 717-200 is because by the sounds of it you’re a new member to this Virtual Airline or you have chosen not to file PIREPs with this aircraft. By filing PIREPs your flight time increases enabling you to fly different aircraft at Qantas Virtual. It would help to be a little more proactive!