What's the best touch and go airport?

I’m looking to do a few touch and goes what’s the best airport for that?

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Any airport that you want :)


If your looking to get XP go to an airport with high winds. You can find these on https://www.badbadweather.com/
If you’d like to just get some quick touch and goes on the casual server I suggest KBOS or KRND as KBOS has many runways to fly to, to get touch and goes and KRND has parallel runways easy to fly from runway and runway.


Any airport can have patterns. Obviously some work better than others, but I usually go for airports with less traffic. Other than that, the sky is the limit.


Personally, I enjoy doing factory touch and goes at places like Toulouse, King County, and Wichita.

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Ok thanks you :)

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Your personal favorite, because you can do touch and go’s everywhere…

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KEDW is a good one. Many runways and with a C208 you can rip landings out pretty quick.

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Try KMTP, my home airport, but its really fun!

If you’re trying to grind xp definitely anywhere with wind, but if you’re just looking for a nice place to fly I recommend the scottish islands - the shortest commercial flight in the world takes place between westray (EGEW) to papa westray (EGEP) and is about 2 minutes between each place, perfect for short patterns in a light aircraft like the 172/caravan.

I used to do patterns at KNRC, it’s runways are in the shape of an X. I would hop in a CRJ 7, IF livery, and just rip out 30 or so landings.

It’s a NASA test site. There’s a picture of its layout above.
Also I’ve never seen another soul there, so you can enjoy uninterrupted patterns.

Just a friendly reminder:
Try not do pattern work at a busy airfield where you can see ATC has their hands full. For example, if you’re going to do patterns on expert server today I’d suggest doing patterns somewhere other than YVR or YYZ.

Some of the smaller airports with less traffic are great places to receive atc service while doing patterns such as Kelowna (YLW), Victoria (YYJ) or Fort McMurray (YMM) just to name a few.


I recommend an airport with parallel runways and you could fly an Xcub because Xcubs takeoff quickly and you can turn quickly so you can rack up a lot of landing very quick

@EVO_G-vlogs_200… MaxSez: I prefer the field in the hi Desert around Palm Springs CA, KPSP. My GA field of choice is KUDD, Bermuda Dunes right next door to the Springs. Cochran is right next-door to both… The Salton Sea (Lake) south east of the Springs is a great aerobatic area. Multiple dirt and grass fields also are in close proximity. The Marine expeditionary field is north east of the Springs at 29 Palms.
Regards, Max

Didn’t you ask this same question yesterday or something?

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If I am trying to grind out some landings I go to KDEN in the XCUB. The layout of the runways allows you to just go in a circle only turning (roughly) 90° at a time.

If you are going to do this on live, please only do this on the casual server as it is highly unprofessional and is only really ment to be fun.

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When I need landings quickly, I use the C-208 at KTCS. You can knock out a bunch with the runway layout.

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i like to do touch and goes round omdb, i get about 20 every 10-12 minutes in the TBM-930

id suggest egll coz of the parallel runway.
makes it easy to just turn the aircraft and touch,go.

Gonna have to say TXKF for the scenery and the runway is feeling and it can support any plane in the game so you could do patterns in an a380