What's the Best Tool for Plane Spotting at a Distance?

Hello everyone,
I live out in the middle of nowhere, so I can’t go plane spotting at airports. But I do see a ton of air traffic over my house. I would like to start spotting planes in the air, but I don’t have a good tool for magnifying them. I have a pair of binoculars that are too weak and a telescope that is too strong. I want to buy something that is really good for this kind of thing. My budget is about $100. Do you guys know of or have something good for this?


What I’d say is save up and the get a Cannon SX60 powershot

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Better Binoculars?

Get this camera.


A telescope

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No, telescopes are too strong, you can’t follow moving objects.

@jdag2004 @Mubashir
Thanks for your ideas but I don’t have enough money to buy another camera, I already have 2 and I’m saving up for other things.


buy a Super sonic jet and fly close to the planes your trying to film

bam great photos


Get a lense for the better quality camera.

That camera has a crazy good zoom!


The ideal big lens is like a Sigma 150-600mm. The contemporary version is still $600

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Even more expensive here in Sweden, towards 1100$…

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The contemporary version? I know the main version is about $1,200 but the contemporary is meant to be cheaper!

Thanks guys, but I think I found what I’m going to get:

In Sweden the sport is even more expensive, we are talking 1500$…

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Woah! I recommend buying your cameras in Asia, much cheaper there!

Binoculars come to mind. If you want to take photos, a telephoto lens would come in handy.

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