What's the best size model airplane you should get?

What is the best size you should get if you want to collect diacastairplanes model airplanes ?



perfect size for your room


1:150 or bigger

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Ok and what’s the best website if you live in the USA
To get them from

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Aikens Airplanes.

It depends, if you want to have large showcases you should go for 1:130, but if your trying to re-create airports you should go for 1:400 or 1:200s. IMO

1: 400 scale airplanes. You can order them from Gemini Jets.com. :)

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I would get either 1:200 or 1:400 models. GeminiJets makes wonderful models, but I would not buy directly from them ever because you’re paying way too much. I wish I could easily say just order from me but we mainly only do sales from the actual retail store. However, I will speak to the owner tomorrow and see if there is a way set up a website for the diecast aircraft.

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Fair size.


1:200 maybe? I have a 1:144 F-16 and it’s pretty small, but then again most fighter jets are small.

1:200. Especially if you want regional jets.

I love my 1:400 planes for my airport but I also have some 1:200 which are also good

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Thanks a lot. Is that why you have so many airplanes

But what’s good website I can look at can someone flgive me a list of websites


is there any good websites for Canada or good stores?

Would aviation retail store ship to USA