Whats something that motivates you to become a pilot


I’d say it depends more on the airline.


Explain that a little more?


I’m not the person who can gone a good explanation sometimes, so I’ll link this. It shows that it really depends on the airline in terms of pay.


Everything that makes flight great. Getting up in the morning, driving to the airport, doing the walkaround as the sun rises, the smell of the gas and the roar of the engine during climbout. One thing that’s great is the girls. The face they make when you tell them you’re a pilot is hilarious, and that motivates me. When I get my license taking them on a date in the sky would be something they’d never forget, and to me that’s special.


No problem! That kind of money you’ll see with legacy airlines, so companies like Alaska, Delta, UPS, Fedex ect.
Starting off you won’t make much, our FOs start off at 30 an hour, they don’t get paid for ground time just flights.


Correct. Like at Delta for example, I believe you have to work in on of their regional charter companies (Air Wisconsin, Envoy Air, etc.), but you don’t make much. Like everywhere though, you won’t make a lot starting out. Especially for pilots who work for budget airlines.


And to add on, I dont really think you have to worry about that to much even if at war if your from any of the western countries or mainland Europe, they do a really great job coordinating with each other and the aircraft are of amazing quality and capability.

I can’t remember when the last time the USA lost a fighter jet.

My uncle went into the USAF as an officer because he had outside aviation experiance (Bachelor’s) as far as I can remember, ill have to ask though. He was an F16 pilot and now a commercial captain.

Btw, it still took him well over 10 years to become a captain even though he had that military experiance.


Sometime last year due to an accident.


Hey that doesn’t count 😦. Lol no, I should have put in terms of military conflict


Like in a combat situation?


Yes. Dont school me here @anon93248082 lol


I don’t want to join the military because if you go to the Air Force Academy I heard that you have to give the Air Force 5 years of service or something like that.


Think officers have a mandatory 8 years if I recall right from my recruiting days


Risk vs Reward

I ended up in the Gulf War part 1, Balkans Conflict and a couple of others. That was the risk.

Flying fast jets, 420kts at 200 feet at age 21 whilst my mates were drooling at the XR3i Ford Escort thinking it was fast, working Search and Rescue in all weathers to assist the lost and in distress, was the reward.

Now commercial and looking forward to retirement to bore everyone even more with old war stories! XD XD XD


An f35 crashed just short of runway I think


That applies for me too. I always loved flying, even on my first flight when I was 2 :)


The smell of jet fuel and the rubber from the airport seats when you walk into an airport


Flying! What’s more motivating than hopping in the left seat and taking control of an aircraft?


Well my dad is a pilot, so just listening to him talk about things and his trips motivate me a lot. Also Infinite flight, but also every time I fly in real life.


My motivation is, and yes i would like to become some sort of pilot, is just the buzz, the feeling of flying and having that thought of having living souls in your hands :) ;) <3 <3