Whats something that motivates you to become a pilot


Commercial Kerosene smells so good (Not healthy tho, at least I think :D) I love walking onto the tarmac and that smell hits you as you board the plane.


Why? FedEx pilots make bank


Pilots here in the states can earn up to around a little more than $90K a year (sometimes $100K). (UPS starting pilots can start at around $100K, while senior pilots can earn around $300K)


If you want it badly enough…you’ll find a way.


Exactly. If you captain a wide body (or even F/O), you’ll make a lot of money with UPS or FedEx.
On the other hand, a domestic 757F captain won’t make nearly as much as a 777 F/O.


Well of course. Most pilots pay, is based off of hours worked. A 777F will fly longer distances which means longer hours, while a 757 can’t do as much, which would equal less pay, but perhaps a 757 pilot could fly a 767 which would be more. 🤷‍♂️


Both pilots will work the same credit flying hours a year any less is inefficient. It’s a misconception that domestic short haul pilots fly less than long haul pilots.

They both fly the same but the number of sectors flown by the SH guys and gals is considerably higher!

Most companies pay more to LH to attract the flight crew to operations that give time away from home and fatiguing flights that cross multiple time zones.


I wasn’t talking about how many times you worked, I was talking about hours and how much you get paid for it. When doing a long haul, you fly more hours in one flight, which for just that flight, is more than one domestic flight, I never said that domestic pilots didn’t work more. They usually do, but the load on the planes aren’t as much either, which I believe also determines pay.


I was gonna US Air Force but I wanna really get into airline pilot you no not military


The USAF pays for your education if you serve a tour I believe.


They do I believe everything is free I think* or yea u pay a little and they cover most of youre expenses


Also like airline pilot cadet academy is that like something you can do after high school or you gotta grtbpilot training get 1500 hours of flight time etc


Nah the start of those GE engines better or the loud roar it makes when about to take off especially the 773


I was into joining The US Air Force once idk I’m into commercial more now I just really wanna travel around the world you know and fly everywhere the Air Force might be the same but there’s more chances of you dying I’m pretty sure lol or shot down so no thx lol I mean not sacred but you know you feel me


Right now the chances are the same commercial or USAF. The only time you should have to worry about dying, is if there is a malfunction with the plane, or if you are at war.


😂😂😂 actually some facts is you have ejection seats on the jets while on the airliners you don’t


I think you’re a little confused!

As a commercial pilot I get paid a rate per flying hour plus expenses. Admittedly my expenses allowance is greater on Long Haul than a colleague on Short Haul but not by much.

How much I get paid is down to the amount I fly in hours per month. The number of sectors is pretty irrelevant. However the limit per year, set by EASA, is 900 hours. My hourly rate is based on my fleet which is one of the higher. Historically Long Haul was more dangerous (pre ETOPS days using Astro Nav, Decca and Loran!) hence the weighting toward LH pay which has never really changed.

I report 90 minutes before my scheduled departure and clock off 30 minutes after landing. So, a SH pilot could be in to do, say a London to Dusseldorf followed by an Istanbul night stop. His flight times might only be 6-7 hours airborne but his duty time would be considerably longer. I might be on a London to Boston with a 7 hour flight time. Our ‘flight’ times are the same at 6-7 hours but my duty time is fixed at, say, 9 hours. His, with turnarounds could well be up at 12.

Short haul pilots fly more on average than Long Haul pilots, have to conduct far more take-offs and landings, spend more time at work and still, in general, get paid less. It’s actually a bit upside down but that’s the industry!


That’s what I said.

This too, but it’s cool to know that there is a limit. Thank you for the info! 😁


Yeah after you flown for many years


Sure after you meet their requirements and are able get on.