Whats something that motivates you to become a pilot

I’m 17 and I’ve got just 1 more year until I graduate high school but I’m not that rich I don’t have the money to pay for the college expenses or flight schooling but I am saving up though and I’m working hard to get there to become a pilot something that gives me power and strength and something that keeps me from quiting would probbaly be this video from Cathay pacific idk I’ve been watching it ever since it came out I don’t think I’ve had a day where I have not watched it at all i don’t know why I don’t even get bored with it or ever get tired of it watching it what about you? What’s something that gives you power and something that keeps you from chasing your dream job?
(My video btw if you wanna check it out:)) https://youtu.be/5WARL26xSBU)


Infinite Flight. That’s it.


The smell of jet fuel!


Traveling around the world discovering new cultures having the best office in the world 30000 + ft up


Work hard. I worked three jobs, and then I started a business to help pay for things

I did it cause it’s fun and plus I like asking peasants where their helicopters are


The ability to fly to scenic airports (Ex: Jackson Hole) and pancake fly-ins!

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Have you tried and gone for a scholarship? They can really help if you are worried about expenses.

For me, I want to be a pilot because I’ve flown ever since I was a kid, and am a frequent flyer for Delta. And after all of my years of flying, I have never gotten tired of the airport or airplanes. I guess that’s what motivates me. Good luck and have fun in the best office in the world! 😁👍


Not being stuck in a cubicle and traveling around with something different going on every flight you take is one of the reasons I aspire to be a commercial airline pilot. Also the discounts/free tickets you can get for yourself or family are fairly enticing as well!


I think how cool it will be to be flying visual (hopefully 😁) into an airport that you have never been to before. There is just no feeling like it!

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This is not the only thing, but MONEY.


The ability to transport people

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Money may motivate but starting off wages are not great at some airlines

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You in the wrong industry lol


The fact that you’re flying high above humanity, everything we’ve created, everything in history, high above this beautiful world , is what motivates anyone to become a pilot. Simply the fact that you can go tens of thousands of feet in the air looking down upon everything we hold is just so, so, so, satisfying.


Here’s my motivation :)

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Have you looked at the military? I know in the UK the RAF offer an amazing training package with quite an attractive salary :)

That video makes me want to fly for cathay pacific now

I have to suggest going Military it’s a great opportunity for us that don’t have money. You get paid a lot for gaining experience plus who doesn’t want to fly fighters? I’ve learned a lot in the 4 years I’ve been Navy ATC and the experience will be great for becoming a pilot. I do recommend becoming a commissioned officer though instead of enlisted.

Be wary of the military path. Currently there are few opportunities for flight crew however the recruitment is slow in general and the recruiters will offer you almost anything to get you in.

Unless you join specifically as flight crew the chances of internal transfer to the flying branch of any of the three UK services is pretty slim to non existent!!!

Also, as I left the average non operational flying allocation per pilot was 15 hours a month. From what my former colleagues tell me this hasn’t improved! Also the general feeling within the services is that this generation of aircraft (6th gen now I believe) will quite possibly be the last manned generation of fighters and helicopters. Sadly the fleshy seat to stick interface is often the performance limiting factor in these machines!

The final issue, especially for Europe and the UK, is that the training and operational flying are completely devolved from the civilian licensing structure. I currently know of colleagues and friends who, having completed their commission, cannot get a license without completion of ALL EASA ATPL training as if they were Ab-Initio despite having 2000+ military hours. EASA does not have a system to transfer experience from military registered aircraft to the civvie register. We had it under the national procedures however it was never transposed under EASA due to the complexity of pan European rulesets.

The situation is not as clear cut as many believe although I am led to believe the US system is tied into Airline placements on completion of commission which is excellent if that is the case.

Just to clarify that I am not dissuading or disparaging military service in any way, shape or form. For me it was a fantastic time with great friends and fantastic flying. Just ensure that you research thoroughly before applying and, if possible, get a bit of time with the service you are interested in and get the real low down from the front line.



My motivations are, ugh, JetA1, a350 Winglets, and The Trent Engines.