What's so bad about airbus to some people?

I heard the “slogan” of delta fans if it ain’t boeing I aint going like what’s wrong with airbus and plus if you say malware the 787 has screens too you know and so does the 738max and max 10


I wonder the same thing a lot too. I honestly like both probably equally.


People have set ways. They believe Boeing is better for whatever reason, patriotism, personal experience etc

Ah Yuan is here to discuss Airbus 😂 ‘Oh boy’


ah ok so basically they like Boeing cuz its North American?
Oh no… boeing fan boys!

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Having flown both I can say that they both have their good points and their bad points.

My ‘personal’ preference is Boeing but, saying that, I haven’t flown a long haul Airbus so they might be different to the Short Haul aircraft.

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Yes that’s sometimes the reason for it but there are others.

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I’ve never flown long the longest flight I’ve been on is 5 hours lol

I’m not really biased towards any

If you want the absolute basics I believe that the design philosophy is behind the likes and dislikes.

For better or for worse Boeing aircraft will allow the pilot to manoeuvre the aircraft how he/she sees fit. It will protest and make things harder but the flight control system will allow it.

The airbus will block side-stick inputs that the PFC’s believe will exceed the parameters of the aircraft. In other words, if you really wanted to fly a 60 degree steep turn it won’t let you.

The common phrase springs to mind:
Boeing built by engineers for pilots, Airbus built by engineers for engineers.


Its not a belief… its fact. 😏


Ummm… I’m just going to like go to France now

Hey atleast they both make great planes

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Boeing just out does airbus in every way, the United States of America is the greatest and most powerful nation this planet has ever seen. So just like most things in America, boeing is just better and out does airbus in every way possible.

I have to agree with you as I said a few months ago. I love Boeing! And Murican engineering is simply the best 🇺🇸 You heard it here first folks.

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I told you about this 🤣

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BOMBARDIER ftw 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🤘🤘🤘

But in all seriousness if we are only considering the classic duopoly between Boeing and Airbus I would go with Airbus 😊


And orders doesnt matter lol atleast they tried like me trying to be a functional human without quoting infinite flight and DCS

I won’t mention the Empire then, or the fact that the US started out as a colony. ;)


Children fly boiengs and airbus men fly cessna legends fly ATR

In my actual personal opinion. From what I hear Boeing for pilots and for passengers Airbus as I believe that’s a greater focus than it is for Boeing, given the A350 and A380 are considered the best planes in the skies now for comfort.

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