What's "RAM"

Hi guys, I need your help to help me understand the meaning and function of “RAM” on a device. Please can you tell me!?.

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Hope this is enough to feed your curiosity 🙂

“Random access memory”

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Yeah lol but it’s all good, we both had good intentions so it’s fine. @Lindbergh though, you forgot to add “ram memory” to the search. Now when we click the link it shows the truck ram lol


The speed at which your device can process stuff. It also has to deal with the version of the operating system.

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RAM has nothing to do with speed, that’s the processor @Sturmovik

random access memory


RAM stands for Random Access Memory. RAM is when you go onto your tablet and your computer and you open tabs. Those tabs are using RAM. RAM is also not permanent. So, if you shut down your device it will disappear. ROM is the opposite of RAM. ROM is the more permanent things on your device. :)

(feel free to correct me if I am wrong. I am just trying to remember thing from technology class.)


RAM is different from the processor. I went completely overboard and got myself 16GB RAM for my Mac and another 16GB for my PC. I probably would have been fine with 8GB on each but the 16GB does help when running a virtual machine on the Mac


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Simple way to think of it is when a calculation is made room needs to be made for the data for the computer to perform. If you are running intensive software which needs to compute say a lot of 3D geometry or other modelling math used to define the trajectory of your plane, the size of the airports and features as observed from the users point of view and the data fed into the device by you to say gear up, rotate, turn, you need all of this memory available real time otherwise the computer will lag while it tries to compute the next image you see on your device. The more RAM the more opportunity to calculate complex situations. Higher resolution graphics require more pixels or points therefore requiring more memory. This will also be true as we move towards Global Flight. As the plane is seen moving from sector to sector, the next set of data needs to be added and the previous gradually deleted so that the user experiences a smooth transition.

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RAM: It is the amount of memory your device/computer is able to use at once. So let’s say you have 1GB of RAM on a phone, that means you can use up to 800MB of apps all at once before your app/s crash. I said 800MB because the phone needs some RAM to keep up with background stuff.

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This is a Ram


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RAM is Random Access Memory
CPU is Central Proccessing Unit
MotherBoard is a board with lots of circuits
MotherBored is short for your Mother is bored