What's on your list for next update [Poll]

  • New Aircraft
  • Improved live atc
  • Improved Taxiways, Parking, etc
  • Better flight handling, Flight Plan, etc.
  • New Region (Asia-S America…)
  • Social Networking (ex. friends list inside app)

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Frankfurt Intl. Airport EDDF/FRA
Munich Franz Josef Strauß Airport EDDM/MUC

Airbus A350


I voted for the new aircraft and better flight handling.
But I’m hoping for the announced landing smoke!

@Laurens Yeh that would be cool mate. smoking tyres and screeching noise.

Buildings. It would be awesome!

@CaptainM I think memory is the issue, 1GB is not enough IMO.

I’m looking forward for improved airports, and a newer or improved flight planning system where we could save and reuse older filed flight plans,also as we’ll as making it way easy to input stars, and sids into our flight plan. I would love to see some older aircrafts got an update to cockpit interior, for example the, CRJ-200, Cessna 172, Boeing 757-200, and the entire Embraer series because a white yoke is not an ideal look. Also I would like to see an option where users could host live events in app not over social media. Landing smoke would be appealing but it’s not that important. I could go on and on about things I would like to see in the next update but this is just on the top of my list.

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At least airport buildings? (Terminals, the smalls cars…) and not the city’s buildings!

i think for me if they can bring back old liveries such as Northwest,PanAm…why not eastern Airlines which is as iconic as PanAm…they were the first airline to launch the B727 & B757…why is this airline NOT on this list …SMH…also the MD11/DC10 & B727 and a few small regional props as well

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More planes god dammit!

I’d be more interested in a desert region such as the Arabic Peninsula more than Asia.

That said, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai (WITH OKINAWA IN IT!), Hong Kong, or Nada would be very nice :wink:.

Best, Boeing707

I completely agree with you!

First off, there are PA and NWA 747-200s.

Second, the game is more oriented towads modern-day airplanes. I’m guessing they’re trying to “force” the airports to look like what JFK looks like today.

The 747-200, 747SP SOFIA, 747-100 SCA, and their business jets are the exceptions.

Third is the demograhpics of the game. As time goes on and the sim gains more popularity, more and more you get young kids who just want to fly will purchase the game. If they fly just because it’s “cool”, then they probably don’t know much about the history of aviation, such as Eastern Airlines. They would know the modern planes and airlines (And would say “Boeing Dreamliner”<-----That is a great way to piss me off). Only an enthusiast who would bother to do some 10 minute research would MAYBE happen accross EA.

You have better luck with TWA to be honest.

As a disclaimer, this is not meant to offend anyone. I don’t see why it should because everyone here seems like an enthusiast/avgeek to varying degrees.

Best, Boeing707

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@GatwickGuy I’m impressed to find another HTML’er on here! I like choosing more than 1 ;)

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Lived and flew out of Fatema on Oki back in the day. Worked with the Habu out of Kadena for a time. Great flying region, the run down to Taiwon or to Osan in winter would be a fine addition.

Region to region, like real flying. Then airport buildings. Then better scenery drapes on the terrain.

Make it so we can fly from region to region please

I Hope They Could Expand Singapore and KL Region to Indonesia/Thailand/The Philippines