What's Omnibearing?

When I play FSX, the aircraft has an autopilot setting called omnibearing. I try to set the heading, and it doesn’t work. Does omnibearing interfere with heading?

This should answer it

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It’s the OBS :) To guide you to the VOR

A VOR? I don’t need to know about that, I just wanted to know how it works, and how it affects heading autopilot on certain aircraft.

Oh… Umm… Read up on VOR, and you’ll understand how the OBS works. You can’t really use it without knowing what a VOR is… :P PM me if you have any questions


Okay, I’ll find more on the VOR, in the meantime, I’d like to know if omnibearing affects heading autopilot in any way.

Depends what mode your A/P is set on… Which aircraft are you talking about?

In FSX, the A319 and B737. The autopilot doesn’t work, and I’m pretty sure omnibearing has something to do with it.

No it doesn’t. :) PM me

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