Whats next?

When we were neer the release of the a350 update we had been already been hearing about the development of the 777 rework. How come we don’t have any information about the next update?

Because 20.1 just got released…The devs may not have anything to share with us at the moment. We know there are things in the works, we just don’t know what will make its way into 20.2


How about we let the devs have a well earned break, let them enjoy their creation for a bit :)
Happy Flying :D


Waiting for the development of 777-300ER after flying the reworked -200ER and enjoy all the remarkable improvements in it would be so hard and long😅


We can’t tell you what’s next, we o my know that developers are working on some things like clouds, 3D buildings, dynamic lights and more!
Check this stream and you will get some info about coming updates

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I think it’ll probably be clouds, 3D terminals, and the 777-200F and the 777-200LR. But right now, we don’t know what’s coming in 20.2.

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No need to be so concerned about 20.2, enjoy 20.1

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The last time they made a poll for us to choose the aircraft we want to be reworked, thus we knew what’s next.

This time, a poll Is not needed, as they are still working on the B777 family. That’s probably the reason. 🤔

I’m pretty sure the “ What’s next “ will be announced whenever the devs are ready!

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