What's next?

So the new update with live instruments and 737 rework was pretty awesome. But what are the plans for the next one, A330 rework is surely on the list but like just a little hint of it would be nice just to give us a bit more comfort.



Only time will tell :)

We never set an exact date or announce up & coming features until we’re pretty close to finishing them. So make sure you keep a close eye on our blog as well as social media where hints may be dropped as well as more official announcements will be made!


Here’s links to some of the awesome things Seb is talking about:

HD Scenery Push is planned on being pushed in the first quarter of 2019. Keep your eye out on @infiniteflight’s Social Media as well as the #announcements category and the blog for all exciting news about any/all future updates.

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I know you guys never set a date on stuff. but idk just feel like it’s been awhile.

1,5 month since we released the A-10 and all that :) It’s not that long, especially not with all the holidays in between.


They work around the clock, all year, non-stop, providing us with the best of the best you know. A little break is always appreciated, some time off to relax and think about what to do next. Freshen up the mind a little bit and start working on something new after filling up with energy from the break taken during the holidays 😉


@schyllberg good luck with the next update :)

Yeah I know it’s not that long ago, but it feels like it

sure that’s always nice I’m just curious about what’s next, not implying that they aren’t hard working.

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I understand you, I wasn’t pointing fingers at you or anything. I mean that they will surely tell us ones they’ve dug a bit deeper into the next update. They will begin to make small announcement and update us on what’s going on behind the scenes after getting a bit further into the work :)

Man I hope so. love IF too much haha. I follow IF on different social media to keep myself updated, mostly FNF or pictures for PR. <3

From what I can sense, you’ll not regret what we are about receive from each and every Update this year. The team, IFLLC is one really hard-working and dedicated group of people, here to only deliver the best of the best, to satisfy every need the consumer may have. So whatever the next update may be offering us, one thing is for sur and that is that, you, me and everyone else will love it and even if it’s not what you wanted or excepted, somewhere deep down, even just a tad bit of love is going to glow from your inner self ;)

They will tell us what is next. It has been less than 2 months since the last update. We have seen several updates per year. We do have an expansion on scenery.

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Much wants more

Hopefully it’s airport lights rework
Etc a350 or plane rework but it’s worth the wait ;)

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Ok without getting to know what’s next, let’s make a guess
I’m gonna bet for a A330 rework

YOu’ll have to wait and see as Seb says. Some AMAZING things are in the pipeline!