What's new with Infinite Flight?

Hey guys. So, I haven’t played in over 6 months and was just wondering if there was anything new that has been updated that I should know about. Thanks y’all, take care! :)

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I’m not sure if this is new to you but check out the 777 and 737 they have been reworked!


The best place to check is the blog! I linked it below. It has past announcements in things in updates added.

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For sure I’ll check it out. Thanks man

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Super glad to see you again. Welcome back, @Highlander24!

you missed out on 20.1

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@Highlander24 The B772 ER has been fully reworked and the 737 family has the cockpit reworked. 20.2 so far has the B77W and B77F reworked and also a new fog system is coming to IF. Welcome back to IF and IFC.

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