What's Left to be Completed?

I understand that IF does not give release dates. Is it possible to get information on what’s remaining to be completed on an aircraft?


Hello… again! 🙂

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into the development timeline linked above. Along with that you can follow us on any of the social media’s @infiniteflight where you’ll see we post WIP (work in progress) photos weekly. We just posted one today actually!

Our regular posts and some basic knowledge of what makes an airplane an airplane should give a good idea of what we’ve done and what’s left.

Developing a quality product takes time. We do not wish to set a false expectation for our customer or a hard deadline for our team which can often lead to frustration, an unfinished product being released, or an overall lack of attention to detail.

As we stated via PM moments ago, this too will be closed because it’s not something we intend to implement. I appreciate your business, feedback, and we’ll continue to remain as transparent as possible.