What's inside airplane tyres?

I have a school project in Chemistry on landing tyres, and so I was wondering, does anyone know what gas is used inside a landing tyre and why it is used.

Any replies appreciated!


I’d guess it’s just air.

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Nitrogen is used to prevent a bigger explosion. And nitrogen is not flammable. If there were an aircraft landing over weight, and burned up the brakes, the brakes would catch fire, and burn the tires. If they were filled with air or another key ingredient to make fire, you now have a bigger problem. Hence, why the tires are filled with nitrogen. Best of luck on your course!


They are filled with Nitrogen



It’s nitrogen, I found this link that explains why:
Hope this helps!


Great link. I knew about the fire hazard, but never really thought about the moisture content. Thanks for the link.


Here is an amazing link that includes everything you need to know about airplane tires. Good luck!


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I know it’s been said before, but Nitrogen is very unteactive, meaning that it cannot catch fire when landing

Nitrogen, but some landings would make you wonder if really.

Yeah, nitrogen prevents wheel fires if a tire bursts on take off or landing, and prevents fire from hot breaks.

Nitrogen is also less likely to change pressure based off temps. And a tire can sit in one spot longer with nitrogen vs atmospheric air. These two reasons are why car companies like BMW fill all their tires with nitrogen from the factory. if you see a Bmw with green tire caps, they have nitrogen in them.

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I feel a “MaxSez” coming soon on this topic from @Maxmustang !!!

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@DeerCrusher couldn’t have been more correct.
It is nitrogen. Fun fact, cars can use nitrogen in tyres aswell.

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There will be no more MaxSez, unfortunately.

There also filled with nitrogen because it’s less susceptible to heat, and during takeoff and landing, the tires get really hot, and air couldn’t handle the heat.

Why will there be no more maxsez?

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Only time will tell.

It is filled with helium to help the plane float.


I knew that was it!!! LOL