What's Happening to Advanced?

I shouldn’t be seeing this on Advanced. I hope it’s not too many people doing things like this.


Is that the road bridge? Maybe he wanted to do an emergency landing there ;)


Either report the user as a pilot or let any active ATC take control.

This was a while ago, but the ATC didn’t do anything surprisingly…

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People use the opportunity to do such stuff when no ATC is active.
Seeing this while flying once in a while myself.

I’d usually instantly ghost them as they have no reason for being on the Advanced Server, but there’s that warning rule… Oh well.
All you can do is simply report him as a player. Perhaps more people will notice and he will quickly go on ‘live holiday’.


Just today I ghosted someone who did a tiny 220 degree turn and landed his 737 on a 1500ft Dirt runway.

Only about 5NM from where I was controlling too ;)


I actually do wonder if those are emergency landings lol

Or he is testing IF beta.

he wanted to go fishing

Many did that on PG actually :p
And runsame with his FSX

Though, it’s weird to see something like this on Advanced and ATC didn’t take any action though. I don’t want to see Advanced becoming the second PG server

And this is why I think grade 3 people shouldn’t be allowed in Advanced server, grade 3 is too easy to get and you don’t learn anything in pg at all, its just like another server to fool in which they don’t care if they get ghosted or not. (This happens especially to the people that just got to grade 3 that only have around 12k xp and they may not read the description of advanced server)

(I’m not saying all the people that are grade 3 do this)

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I agree with you that more and more ppl are breaking rules and not using proper procedures. What a out ppl that have alot of XP and hours but are hindered by the 100 landing in 90 day rule. I’m only bringing it up because this happened to me.

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I think they should change the flight hrs and XP requirements and throwout the landing part.


But some users can’t easily reach Grade 4 because they have to be very active. While many of the users aren’t active that much to be Grade 4.

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As much as i do agree with you, i also disagree. We need more of a system of violations in 90 days not allowed in advance, I am grade three an am also looking for a place to get away from all the people that belong on freeflight. But i am seeing people with 3 times more violations than flights and landings put together flying in advance. So a violation classification (if that is the right word to use) would be best. Most of the complaints im seeing are these people.

I am a great pilot in my opinion, and I’m a grade 3. I mean I should be getting Grade 4 in like a couple hours or so but that doesn’t matter.

I disagree, Iv had to ghost grade 4/5 pilots who still think it’s fine to ignore ATC instructions or just taxi round aircraft because they are impatient, there won’t be a solution to this, other than if you don’t follow the rules you will be ghosted, ( obviously if ATC is active) just cause you have the grade doesn’t mean you know what your doing, can fly all day every day on the free flight server and get to grade 5 without interacting with ATC once


This why, I think it is important to have a tutorial from a pilots point of view of how to properly interact with each part of ATC tower to ground to approach to departure, breaking it down into steps everyone can get. Then everyone has the same information. Right now the only way to learn is through trial and error.

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It’s ridiculous how many pilots on advanced don’t even know how to use unicom properly. That’s a skill everyone should have mastered on the Free Flight server.


If grade 3 won’t be the minimum grade for ADV access, a pretty hefty amount of controllers will be gone with the irresponsible pilots including myself