What's happening in TS

I am just controlling in Training Server at LEMD and watching a huge amount of open frequencies there and I am totally sure they are no enough training sessions. Also, remain impressed after viewing @KaiM new website https://infiniteatc.github.io/ and see that the amount of flights in TS is widely superior than ES flights.

So what’s on there?

This topic is confusing.

You’re referencing a website of TSATC then thanking them.

You’re asking about how a huge amount of frequencies are open? Probably because a huge amout of people are home bored?

Comparing the variety of flights from the TS to ES? Yes because many more random frequencies are open on TS under no forced instructions.

What is the point of this topic? I’m confused.

Is this a topic with a point, or a general chit chat to whomever?


I am just highlighting the novel variation in TS statistics because both ATC flights and open frequencies are superior to ES. By the way, I am referring to a website where it can be viewed and understood in a more pleasant way.

It is not a way to chat, I am highlighting a fact so that the community understands that there have been variations in the statistics in the APP itself.

All Good

cough quality over quantity cough


The TS has typically had more flights and frequencies than ES depending on the day and time. Users can easily see this from within the app itself.

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Yeah due to IFATC

But I m only remarking than usually, TS have way fewer flights than ES and today’s situation is weird for me

Im not sure what you are referring to. From the website.

Casual Server: 438
Training Server: 904
Expert Server: 727


Captura de pantalla 2020-03-22 a las 20.53.48

FROM https://infiniteatc.github.io/

You said TS was less than ES but I see it the other way around. What I was saying earlier is that the TS typically has a higher load so not sure how this is out of the norm?

Nay, my humble point of view is than normally TS has a bunch of frec. open than ES but less flights

Can any grade access TS ATC? If so, alot of people may just be exploring/practicing controlling at various airports

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This is quite normal on weekends…

That is obvious, but on normal statements, there are very more ATC frecs. open TS than ES, but there is a count of an abnormal number of frecs.

Probably an answer, Thanks

What’s happening on TS is nothing new. Since inception, the Training Server has always been more popular than any of the other servers and for a number of reasons.

  1. People like to fly and they like ATC. However, in my observations on Training Server, people just want to play around with no rules attached (minimal rules at most)

  2. We have 2 groups of individuals. Maybe 3.

  • The first being those folks who take the sim in a serious manner. They plan their flights out and take the time to do a flight from point A to point B. I usually hang out in this category.
  • The second are those who just want to spawn in, take off and take flight. I can be found here about 10% of the time. Its fun to just go fly!
  • The third unfortunate group are those who simply want to ruin the experience for you and I. I like to call those the trolls.
  1. Training Server is more populous due to the fact that people are afraid, unwilling, or don’t find the motivation to learn some of the simple tutorials that our community members and Infinite Flight staff have created. (yes, I’m calling it like it is. Just hear me out.) People say, “I was ghosted for no reason” all the time. Yes, that’s a fact and we see it on a daily basis. However, that’s no excuse because folks have these vital tools and information at your finger tips. All it takes is a few minutes to browse the #tutorials category and find something that you don’t feel comfortable with or are unsure about.

  2. Because of #3 people are afraid to enter the Expert Server over the fear of being ghosted. Its unfortunate that that’s some of y’alls mindset, but do realize controllers are not out to get pilots. If that were the case, we have a lovely group of ATC Supervisors, Mods, and Staff to deal with the controllers who abuse this ghosting feature.

In the end, numbers don’t really mean anything if we take a step back. Its not about what server is more popular. The deciding factor between which server has more people is dependent on YOU. Its a choice between, do I want to fly following instructions when instructed or do I want to be on the server that I can complain about because I don’t want to fly on the server where action is taken.

The training server should be a transitionary server in my opinion. Ideally, it would be nice to see an Expert Server loaded with pilots following the instructions, flying appropriate SIDs, STARs, speeds, alts, etc. But its cool that people find the training server home. 🙂


TS has more grades available, more grades available=more people able to fly, more people able to fly=more flights and open frequencies

The common stats are that the server with the highest load is Expert, followed by Casual and finally Training

Training server is a safe place in my opinion. If u accidently do a mistake, you won’t get ghosted. You can learn from that… and then move on to the next grade

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It has been discussed