What's happening at the California Coast?

It has been 3 Hours and at least 8 Military helicopters has gone by…

Not to mention in formation…

Can someone tell me if this is another drill.


Its normal

I don’t think so…

Every 30 minutes… 2 Military helicopters fly low over us… You can just make out the guns and the men on board

They do it alot in other areas

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:/ well I’m still scared

Hate to break it to you but your being invaded. Your allies have turned against you.

I Guess you are F*****


😂😂😂 that’s good

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staph scaring me…

This is scarier than politics

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I’ve heard that there’s wildfires going around in Cali right now. Maybe they’re inspecting the damage?



Another 2 helix just flew by… But I don,t think the military would dispatch 10 Jelis to a wildfire…

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It’s actually a huge wildfire going on…

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I think @FlyFi is a credible source


The wildfires around Los Angeles are pretty bad right now. They are burning very fast and out of control they have lots of people on it trying to put it out so its probably the military helping fire fighters

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It’s the eu thing British airways are like well I’m out


I’m not in LA. I’m at San Fransisco/Oakland right now

Well we know that can’t happen 😂, all flights are from the UK or fly there

Maybe it’s a Brixton invasion :-)

The fires are so bad, you can see the smoke from LAS VEGAS, NEVADA!!


Hmm…California Coast? Well, on most days, it’s sunny, about 75 degree weather, and has miles and miles of beaches.
But, in the question being asked: Military stuff. Training or whatevs.

75° Celsius that’s hot!

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