Whats happening at KDEN?

Does anyone know what’s going on at KDEN on expert?


Could you explain further?

It is todays ATC Scedule HUB. The Airport that will have ATC all the day (mostly).


Do you mean the amount of traffic or something else?

the traffic yea

It’s ATC hub. Any airport with IFATC is gonna be busy


Each week, the IFATC team publishes a list of daily airports which will have ATC services, and today the main HUB is Denver

Just remember to be specific in your topics, otherwise you’ll get a lot of confusion ;)

Ohhhhhh ok thank you! I didn’t know. Im new to expert

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To avoid ghosts, please check the tutorials about the procedures in the ES, this may save you from annoying moments like me (have to wait one month more to get back to grade 4)


It’s all day?

Yes, all day between 6:00Z and 6:00Z of the next day

Yes IFATC will open specific airports/regions each day.

Here is the FNF post: 29MAY20 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Retro Islands @ RJAA - PHNL

Here is the IFATC weekly schedule. They are pinned for easy access: ATC Schedule • 25-31 May 2020 - #2

Are those every week.?

every Friday

IFATC schedule is every day :)

I thought he was referring to the fnf

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