What's good about Infinite Flight?

It depends on what airports have atc and where that is. But I tend to fly the Air Canada or JetStar liverys.

i attend on southwest and delta and klm

anybody else in for southwest delta or klm

Image result for infinite flight klm wing This is 747 flight i did a 2 days ago to london heathrow

Wait, do you not have global? That is the old scenery!

Image result for klm infinite flight wing global wing here is another flight i had done saturday also bwi - atl

If you are going to keep posting photos, then you should do it here:

i was doing my model airport update

This can be posted here:

@Antonio_Saunders Which type of device are you using?

Did you know about this update to Infinite Flight? What is "Global"?
Here are some images from that “What is ‘Global’?” topic:

The update happened late last year; it provides detailed satellite scenery for the entire globe. Now you can fly direct from London to Sydney!

This amazing global scenery, along with my points from an earlier comment on this topic, really makes Infinite Flight special.

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here let me put a picture and then see if it’s global

Image result for infinite flight update

You just took that pic from Infinite Flight. Don’t do that please.


i was just asking if it looks like this

Yes, that is what the global update looks like.

ok thanks for letting me know

what’s new about infinte flight everybody

new global updates , glitches what happening

have you guys been doing any flights on infinte

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