Whats going on?

hey guys. so its been 2 nights in a row now. im trying to fly from EGLL-KLAX in a BA 747, and last night i put ALOT of fuel in, and it said i wouldent make it. ugh, ok lets just go to sleep. tonight comes. i put legit full fuel in, and it says i wont make it. what the bleep?! if anyone can tell me whats going on, plz do?


Try using 50-60% trim. It may be unrealistic, but it gets the job done.

for the whole flight?

What are you cruising at? Both Altitude and Speed may be too high. Ive noticed with the 747 you need to start really low and not too fast (around .82) and it should work

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Yes, and then decrease it for landing. That’s how you achieve maximum fuel efficiency in the 747.

@Daniel14, I’ve done Mach 0.85 and 35000 on 12 hour flights, and it works just fine. I’d suggest giving that a try too!

FL300 (dont ask why so low), m.79, yes 79!!

Okay, you are a bit too slow. Maybe speed up if able.

uhh, ok, plus 50% or minus 50%?

Sounds crazy but put your flaps to 10 the whole flight it worked for me straight away the physics are horrible on this aircraft so you need at least 10 extra hours of fuel but trim will also help

Positive trim.

ok done to m.82

This is really basic :)

You probably won’t make it, based on your current fuel consumption.

But the great part is;
Consumption will decrease as you burn more fuel and gets lighter.

This has nothing to do with trim, flaps or anything else. Just some basic understanding of how it requires less energy to make a lighter object move forward, and more to make a heavier one do.


trim is at 50, flaps are at 10, nothing has changed

wait something is happening

i think that ill make it!

What color is the FUEL under ETE to destination?

idk tho


it was red

Read what i posted… then you’ll know.

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Is it amber now?