What's Going on with the Infinite Flight Instagram?

Before, any Infinite Flight user could send screenshots to Mark Denton through email, and he would choose a good screenshot and post it on the IF Insta. But it appears things have changed.

Nowadays, the only people that support the screenshots for the Instagram are Tyler and Mark. Yes, the screenshots are still nice, but I liked the fact that the Instagram page was community based, and the community is how the page got to where it is today.

So the question is, what happened? Why are people’s screenshots no longer being accepted?


Because Mark and Tyler take the best pictures:-D
And also probably because Mark doesn’t have time for that anymore:-(


How would he not have time for it?..

It’s as simple as taking somebody’s picture, and posting it on Instagram. It’s literally the same thing as him taking his own screenshot and posting it. 😂


The last picture which was reposted on Infinite Flight’s Instagram page was published five days ago. There is no need to worry… :)

Yes, but more and more people are sending pictures to him. He has to go through a lot more now.

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A PM to Mark or Tyler would likely answer your question.


@FlyFi I flew FNF with a friend. Took a nice screenshot, made it to instagram. Didn’t ask or anything.

Last week we did the same and he put a great screenshot up. Once again made it to Instagram.

No editing, IF not even on max settings. Just what Mark must have through was an Insta worthy screenshot.

Maybe you should quit complaining and ‘trying’ to get on Instagram, and instead just concentrate on taking good screenshots. You may get in Instagram then.


You’re really going to get on my nerves if you keep being an assumer here.

When I ask a question, it is not simply complaining, or ‘trying’ to do anything, except get the question answered. I asked the question for reason, and that was to find out what was going on. It is not because I wanted to get my own screenshots on the Instagram, but I realized in the recent pictures that they weren’t tagging anybody, and instead they either tagged Tyler, or gave no tag at all, whereas in the past they used to. This is a prime example of how arguments start. How about you give positive feedback for once and stop jumping to conclusions? If you have nothing good to say, then don’t say it at all.


How else would you know screenshots were not getting accepted from email? Don’t try and tell me otherwise here, it’s pretty clear that at some point you have tried, and probably failed to get your screenshots there. Why else would you care? Either way, your argument is invalid anyway; they may have stopped taking emails but your argument about the lack of tags is invalid:


If you’re gonna post about this here, fine, but expect to be scrutinised for it. Just because someone is not saying what you want to hear means they are in the wrong.


Simply, by looking at a recent picture.

Caption: Brussels Airlines A319 flying overhead en route to EBBR. #infiniteflight #infiniteflightlive #ifatc #liveatc #airbus #a319

You can obviously see that there is no tag… Which means they did not get this screenshot from somebody’s email, for they would’ve tagged that person.

Actually, two of my screenshots are already on the Infinite Flight Instagram, and the last time I sent a picture to them was over two weeks ago. So let’s eliminate that assumption you have of me posting this topic because I am frustrated over my screenshots not making it.[quote=“IceBlue, post:9, topic:92458”]
they may have stopped taking emails but your argument about the lack of tags is invalid:

That picture is the only one with a provided name in a while.

If someone doesn’t have IG, how are they supposed to be tagged? Do you want names made up? Maybe some people request not to be tagged for privacy reasons. Believe it or not, some people like anonymity.

You original question was phrased and came across as a complaint. Think about how you ask thing.

“Hey, I’ve noticed the Infinite Flight Instagram account doesn’t have as many non-staff photo credits as it has in the past. Are you guys still accepting user submitted photos or using staff captures only?”

Much better phrasing. Now, I am a genius and know more than most people, but that’s pretty basic.


Maybe he just wants to post his own photos.

You can always send a screenshot to IFN for a possible repost on Saturdays 😉


@Belfast_spotter Re-read this, that is not my reasoning.

Thank you. Now this is an example of a helpful comment. @Joe It’s possible that a better phrasing would’ve prevented any conflict. I know better next time. :) And yes, you’re right about the privacy issue. I actually forgot to factor that in, thanks for that.

That was not there when I started my message, sorry.


Why yes, they talk about you all the time!

We have continuously encouraged users to submit pictures but my email and inbox is still empty of screenshots…

We can’t post what we don’t have.

To add to that, YES, we still want your shots. After all, the community is what makes Infinite Flight the place to be. If a screenshot is blurry or has data tags it may not be posted but please send us your high quality pictures. I’ve seen some amazing shots from you all that would be awesome to have up on IG.


I didn’t even know that you accept screenshots as well. I don’t like to assume, just because your name is all over the IF Instagram.

Yes, I was talking about you. :) They talked about you on the latest podcast.

They should make another account or something that uploads it to their instagram.

I find this post entertaining but also unnecessary. We do not have to justify what we post on our OFFICIAL Instagram page, but I will cover a couple of things since @FlyFi felt the need to post a topic instead of sending Tyler or myself a PM.

It is our company Instagram page. We try to only post HIGH quality screenshots regardless of their origin. The page is not intended for the purpose of posting community screenshots as there are plenty of other pages that repost community members’ screenshots. However, we do post community screenshots occasionally that catch our attention. What you fail to realize is that the one thing we feared would happen, actually happened. Since we started posting pics from community members, our inbox is bombarded DAILY with screenshots that quite honestly, will never be reposted by us as they do not show the quality that we want to portray or that have data tags, low resolution, etc. I even get PMs here on the forum, on FB and my personal Instagram account (which I will tell you now will get ignored as they are my personal FB and IG accounts). I also get a plethora of emails on a daily basis. We have never promised or guaranteed anyone that their screenshots will get reposted. We reserve the right to repost or not repost anyone’s screenshots. Yes, the community is what makes IF the place to be as Tyler said, however, that does not mean that we are required to repost pics on any of our social mediums. We are constantly asked by members to post their screenshot and tag them or give them a “shout out”, and it’s obvious that it is in an effort to get recognition or even more followers on the IG account. That is NOT what our page is for. If we repost one of your screenshots, great. If we don’t, then that is fine as well. We are thankful for our community, but that does not entitle anyone to have their screenshots reposted. It should be considered a privilege, not a right. This needs to be abundantly clear. With the thousands of members that we have, one can only imagine the amount of screenshots that we get on a daily basis. If your screenshot gets reposted, we will tag you unless otherwise requested by the original poster which as Joe stated, it has happened. Some members don’t care for the recognition and are happy just sharing their screenshot for their love of the sim and nothing else (as it should be). However, we have no issues with giving anyone the credit for their pic. If you look at some of the airlines IG accounts, they will occasionally repost a pic from one of their followers/passengers, but not on a regular or daily basis. This goes with a lot of business pages and it’s not different for our page. As mentioned in the original post that a lot of posts have no tag or Tyler is tagged; Well, we do after all work for the company and it is our responsibility to provide content on a regular basis.

We still welcome your screenshots, but with the understanding that it may or may not be reposted on our page. Again, it is not guaranteed or required just because you sent a screenshot. We often go through screenshots on the forum as well after events and will post them. However, Tyler and I just discussed this, agreed upon, and determined a simple resolution. Going forward, screenshots will not be accepted via email or PM. If you have a screenshot that you would like to have POSSIBLY shared/reposted on our page, then simply post it on YOUR Instagram page and all you have to do is tag us ( #infiniteflight or @Infinite_Flight ) and we will see it. We have posted several pics from our followers that have just tagged us without any request of a repost. This is the best option and chance to have one reposted, but again, not guaranteed. Asking us to repost and tag you or give you a shout out will most likely not be reposted.

I assume this will answer your question @FlyFi as well as everyone having a better understanding. Again, thank you to you and everyone else that proudly shares Infinite Flight with friends, families, and followers as well as everyone’s continued support! See you in the skies!

Happy and Safe Landings!