What's going on with Nairobi?

Hello, I see a red circle around HKJK which tells that only GA aircrafts can fly there…
I’m flying a 773, should I cancel the flight or search for another airport??

That TFR is due to the FNF. Please check out the FNF thread for more info, and yes, you should find another airport.

Ohhhhh… Sucks

But I see big aircrafts on the radar…

Somethings there are also red dots while there’s no FNF:

He is talking about a red circle, TFR, not a dot in the middle of the airport icon.

How is it???

Oh I’m sorry… I’m currently not flying :)

That is probably because they spawned in, without looking at the TFR, IFATC will deal with them.

And what about the big aircrafts around??? In the air which are approaching

IFATC will deal with them as well, as according to the TFR, they are not allowed, they should be diverted to different airports.

So should I go there and they will deliver me?

I would suggest making their job easier, and diverting on your own.

OK… Thank you

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I’d recommend staying away from any of the featured airports if you’re not in a GA aircraft. It’s unnecessary annoyance for the IFATC who will essentially deny you entry. I’d suggest you find a nice airport that isn’t featured to divert to, and fly there instead.

But look at this guy… He is on final which means he passed the APPR and the ATC gave him clearence

The NOTAM went up as many pilots were approaching and taking off. I would assume there was a grace period (for lack of better words) for those already in the airspace or those who were at the airport that didn’t get the latest ATIS update.
I copied this from @Grizpac on the FNF thread, that should explain it.

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As mentioned above, it is a Temporary Flight Restriction. Please abide by server and event rules. If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me and I’ll answer them :)