What's going on here at LTBJ?

Does anyone in the IFC know what was going on yesterday in these pictures? I spawned in and saw this and proceeded to be delayed on departure because of them. There was IFATC present and I am not sure if this was a scheduled event or just some oddity taking place. I’m not mad, it was pretty entertaining! They sat on the runway upwards of twenty minutes though.

A random lineup of military aircraft at Izmir Airport.

8350Z 17 April 2020 Expert Server


I do, it was an event for Global Air Forces.


What exactly does that mean? I don’t know much military lingo if that is what it’s for haha

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As the others have said, we were having an event!

Elephant walk is a large group roll down a runway.

Considering most of them had “flight of 9” in their callsigns it was a group flight. If i recall correctly, only 1 of the group flight members (if you are flying back to back of course) should ask for clearance

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Got it! Now my only question is why they never took off

To answer your question, elephant walks are just about going down the runway with a lot of aircrafts, nothing about taking off, just taxiing in group and exiting the runway

Oh ok thank you! Why close the topic :(

We did a lap around the airport, came back and took off later. Probably about 50 minutes of milling around on the ground prior to our flight to Athens.

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