What's everyone's favourite airport or approach in IF?

So yeah, What’s everyone’s favourite airport / approach In IF. Would be great to know :).

Happy Flying :)

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Fav airport is KJFK no doubt

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Hi there,

Both of these questions were asked in two different threads. I suggest you search before posting please in order to prevent duplicate topics. Continue in the threads below, thanks!



The search function must be broke then xD

This post is about Approach though, not Airport. So I guess it isn’t duplicate???

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Thank you :)

My favourite Approach is EGLC. Have to love it.

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No problem.

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You may want to check the topics I linked again.

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I Live right near, always see the planes on there approaches.

The HAWKZ FOUR ARRIVAL to RWY 16R at Seattle [KSEA] and the HELNS FIVE ARRIVAL to RWY 28R at Portland [KPDX]. Lots of banks, lots of turns and lots of fun.