what's everyone's concept of safety in IF?

This is more important in ES because you don’t really want to crash in that server.
I have three things that I look at:
Can I do it
Can the plane do it
Do I want to do it
Only if all of these answers are all a yes then I do it. How about you guys?

Will I be there to plug the iPad in x hours

There is no limit for me, if the plane can’t do the flight, I’ll do it. If I don’t want to do it, then I do/don’t do it, either way I don’t look at the device for 20 hours

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I’m always doing my best to keep my experience as realistic as possible, this means only doing things that a plane could realistically do in real life


😂😂😂😂😂 true story
Alsowill the plane still be in the air when I get back too

If it’s in multiplayer:
Spacing, Spacing, Spacing.


Safety to me is constant and steady review of the map when on the ground and in the air, especially on multiplayer and during high volumes of traffic.

I just use real world parameters and procedures

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I often aim to have at least an hour of fuel remaining, and deliberate scheduling so that I’ll be home to descend and land. This is also the reason why I sometimes fly from secondary airports to zip out faster. Other than that, real life and common sense (A320 nonstop YSSY-EGLL? Nah)

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