What's everyone's Busiest Airport Taxi Traffic Pictures?

Ever been stuck in a Traffic Jam having to wait in a Holding Pattern whilst you wait for Clearance to take off? Post some of your pictures here of your busiest Hold Short queues…


this was in KHAF


I mean KLAX

I’ll try upload my pictures I have from Earlier…



KSAN. Is that for runway 09 or 27

Here’s my photo’s from earlier today…image

This can be very stressful s a controller, particularly when you’re trying to organise the landing pattern and then you just have some pilots posting ‘Ready to takeoff’ when they’re not first in queue! I also find that some pilots wonder if I’ve forgotten about them, so I’ve told them to hold short because I have traffic entering straight, and then when the traffic is on short final, they contact again! Of course this is all while ground os receiving loads of Pushback and taxi requests. With regard to taxiing, I usually assign the runway, but it can be annoying when the pilot acknowledges, but then requests another runway- I wonder why they didn’t request in the first place…

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I totally get what your meaning… or you get pilots jumping in the queue or treating it not like real life and just going straight through you so they can take off quicker… I’ve seen when you be ATC at a busy time on any airport usually KLAX… where it can be all quiet and fine then it gets overwhelmingly busy and no pilots listen to your instructions or are really impatient and send repeated messages over and over again until you respond. I’m usually a patient pilot I will usually sit and wait for a good time with the ATC so they aren’t too overwhelmed… I will also wait until I’m first in line to request a take off… and I don’t send frequency request messages I just take it upon myself to do it automatically then await my turn :smile:


Damn! Look at all those quad-jet widebodies!

Wait, when you say ‘you’ do you mean one or me personally?

Sorry,I do have but not while flying :) , As I am the one who creates such queues. :P

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Looks like I do have. Enjoy!

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When did you take those photos? on what server?

Can we see this photo you are referencing too?

When is the Next Time? haha

On the Advanced server ;)

Was that an Invite to come on the Advanced Server? haha

They will be testing soon. Add @MishaCamp as a recruiter in that list :)

Never takeoff from 09 at KSAN.