What's better 747-8 or 787-10

  • 747-8
  • 787-10

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There’s a -10?

Wait there’s no -10…

I would recomand the 787-10 because it has a very good cockpit, wingflex and it is really nice all in all.
The only little disadvantage is that it doesn’t have a lot of liveries

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Or im just not receiving correctly

In Infinite Flight there is a 787-10

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Oh I read 747-10 lol


If you have other 787s you should get the 747. If you don’t have any other 787s get the -10

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Yea! Cos in terms of instrument panels, the different 747s from 200-8 has different designs while the 787 has the same design for all!

I have the 787-9

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I have all 3

I’m not that big a fan of the 787 series. No idea why, but the 748 is the one I prefer… :/

If you dont have any 787s get the 8 or 9

Neither does the 748 to be fair.

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Are we talking RWA or IF?

IF bro, there’s a reason it’s under General😂

Definitely the 748. The 78X is a tailstrike waiting to happen.

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I would personally recommend the 747-8, only if you don’t have any 787’s yet, or if you like really big planes. If you have either if the other 787’s, there’s no need to buy the -10. In real life, it is the least popular 787, which explains the lack of liveries. If you don’t have any other 787’s, get the -9.

Agreed. I usually have flaps 15 or more during takeoff, having positive trim helps with reducing tail strikes too.

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I recommend that you buy which ever one you’ll fly more often, and which plane has more airlines you’ll use over the other. I have the -8 and -9 and I fly them very often. The -10 doesn’t fit in my “fleet” for me