What's best a plane or a map

I was wondering if you guys could help me with something because I want to purchase either a new map or a new claim but the thing is with the planes I have like more than 10 left bye and I have three maps left and if you’re recommending me by now. Which plane should I buy because I have at least 4 Airbus planes left and about maybe six Boeing planes left and I also have three maps laugh I just forgot which regions but I know that the London map is one of them any recommendations will help

I would recommend not to buy anymore regions becuase of the upcoming global update.


Remember, There will still be regions to potentially purchase if the user decides not to buy Global :) Anyways, I like any Boeing Airplane and highly suggest them, although Airbus is great too…

What about planes ✈️ because I got five Airbus planes ✈️ and nine Boeing planes ✈️ left with the exception of the free 737 700 BBJ and when does the global update come out

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Global is planned for this summer. Not what it’s going to be but - that’s what it’s planned for

Also, either get,

A320 (family)

Or you could wait for the MD11 to be finished 😏


If your plan is to eventually buy all of it individually, the best value is Live+. You will always end up spending just as much or more money purchasing them all separately. [It may seem less becauae you are doing it piecemeal, but it adds up.]


I have purchased nearly all the regions and planes. I wasn’t planning to. But i don’t think I’ll need live+ 😄 (With Live+, can’t you only access them while internet is connected

This is what I did. Definitely worth the money. You end up spending all of it anyway, might as well save a bit

Do you have the 787? If not I so recommend those ones they are absolutely stunning!

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So will the MD-11 come out when the global update comes out and if so in the meantime do you recommend me buying a Boeing 787–9 or the 787–10 or from the airbus family the Airbus 318 airbus 319 Airbus 320 Airbus 330–200 F or the A340 because either way after this purchase I’m away till the MD-11 comes up can’t wait for it

No one knows when either of them will come out.

Out of your suggestions definitely without a doubt go for the 787-9

A few features:
3D animated cockpit
4k textures
Wing Flex
Gear tilt (In a way)

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I’ve given it until Christmas then all hope will be lost.

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I have the 787–9 but I don’t have the 787–10 or the 787–8

The MD11 will most likely come out with global. I don’t know for sure though.

Oh - btw the MD-11 will come out alongside the DC-10. So if you like DC10 more then it’s coming with MD11 :)

Also if anybody has a list of all the purchasable Maps and planes because I go into the App Store to look for that and it tells me the top app purchases I’m just trying to keep track of what I’ve Bought andwhat not

Most likely? I dont think so 🤔 I don’t think they;l release a plane with global. But then again they might

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But… ok then. I’d go for the A320… or the 788 because you already have a 787

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Then I would recommend one of those or save your money and wait for the md11/dc10.