Whats been the most challenging update?

Title pretty much says it.

For any non developers what update do you think was the most challenging for them?

And for developers… what’s been the most challenging for you guys?

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Well just based on the scale of the upgrade, I would assume the update taking IF from the small regions in pre-global to global was the most challenging update haha



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Definitely Global!


Didn’t think about that one at first 😅. now it all makes sense!

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I’m guessing the A388 might be pretty challenging, solely based on its size. It’ll be the plane, airports, and anything else that gets pushed.


Not really for the devs, more for @schyllberg, but this update. I MEAN have you SEEN the amount of Support topics on the IFC that have been popping up?

Yes. I get a notification for every single topic in Support
And honestly, this isn’t that bad at all. Looking at it, it’s mostly people repeating the same issue but they’re experiencing / describing it slightly different.

A few crashes, binding issues with controller and a few other minor things. It’s all in all been rather calm considering how much things that were changed under the hood.


🫡 to you for taking it so well.


i would assume 3D buildings, they had to design a lot of stuff and optimize them.

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