What's an Infinite Flight Lifehack You Know?

First-hand experience taught this one.

Landing open reverse thrust then open map when still holding reverse thrust and then close the map and take of again with reverse thrust

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When you are sleeping during a long haul flight, never activate VNAV until you have waken up. That way, you will never risk any violations while descending just in case you overslept.


For VNAV, I input SimBrief’s descend altitude inputs into IF for a realistic descent.


Or listen to the call outs (that won’t be there) and then go around 😂

Yeah sure. So you know the little headset you press when interacting with ATC? At the Bottom left Corner. Instead of just pressing it. You can hold it so that it automatically replies to ATC.

Note; You must have a command from ATC for it to work (I.e pushback approved, LUAW, cleared for takeoff)


If u get an ATC Instruction, then just hold in the left corner for about 3 seconds and it will auto. Respond without you opening the menu ;)

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You wont have fuel problems if you don’t start the engines

Use a controller for a flight simulator

I followed ur life hack and my device broke, Can I get a refund plz???

Life hack - if some1 has sprawned at ur gate. Restart ur flight at a different gate and drink some Chocky milk, coz as we know chocky milk help make pain go away 😉😉


Lifehack: Taxi out on one engine to save fuel. Start the next one when you’re waiting in line for the runway, or when you’re getting close.

Also, know how much time engines take to start. The A319/20/21 take forever to start compared to the 757.


Very small “lifehack”:
Don’t input your cruising altitude on the ground in case you get assigned an altitude restriction during your climb.

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When doing pushback and a/c is aligned with desired taxiway, turn your Ipad/device slowly towards about 180° angle and suddenly your a/c is being dragged forward instead of being pushed back. 😊 Use this method also to turn a/c instead of using rudder slider during pushback.

When I stall I let go of my iPad for about 10 seconds then recover

I don’t know how, but it just happens, but I did have full flaps so might be that

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