What's an Infinite Flight Lifehack You Know?

There are times when we overspeed, times when we go around, but there are also times where we discover something new.

Something you wish you had known before.

If you haven’t gotten the gist of it, it’s an Infinite Flight Lifehack.

Take the time to share an Infinite Flight life hack you know!


My lifehack is VNAV. When it first came out, I didn’t know how it worked so I never used it. But now that I know how to use it, it’s awesome! It automatically descends at the perfect time so I’m never too high or too low on approach.


Hold the ATC button instead of navigating into it, really helps especially when receiving progressive taxi, landing and receiving a exit RWY command, and during manual flying when they hand you off or give you a freq change approved.


Listen to all IFATC instructions.

  1. Delete duplicate/unnecessary/extreme waypoint altitudes to get one steady descent
  2. when landing with the hud, aim your fpv (circle) at the runway number/ three stripes instead of the two thick ones, to land in the optimal touchdown zone after flaring
  3. turn the aircraft count to none when flying with mobile data, or they’re gonna run out in 5 seconds

Paying attention during climb and descent. Also when around ATC

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When people message you asking for something, ignore them for as long as possible and eventually they’ll go away.

Jk (maybe…).


If you use left/right rudder, then open the ATC Menu, you will continue to hold your turn to the left/right because the rudder will lock. Useful for when you’re entering the runway.

It’s a feature not a bug.


^ Just to add onto that, it works with reverse thrust/ braking as well!
Makes it a little easier to respond to ATC or look for a runway exit especially if the airport is busy.


Now that’s why you had 42 unread PM’s back in the day… exposed! 😂


My lifehack is LNAV. Years ago, I never used them during any of my flights. I dont know how I did not know about it back then. Especially on long haul flights, I would miss the waypoint because I did not use LNAV back then. Finally, I realized I was dumb to not even use it. Smh…

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Lifehack: Don’t crash.

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I don’t understand what you mean, can you elaborate on this please? Thanks

When ATC gives you a command, you can respond to it by pressing and holding the little headset, instead of tapping it and hitting reply. It’s a much quicker and hassle-free method to responding, especially in a more critical phase of flight.


Thanks, I’m going to find that quite helpful.

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never go over 250 kts under 10000 feet

If you are playing IF at the top of a tall building and need to quickly end your flight because you passed 10,000ft at 400kts (ignoring the “life hack” above) and want to avoid violations, throughing your device out of the window has proven to be very effective.

I am not liable for any broken devices


Lifehack: Always put the gear down


I am guilty of not doing this a couple times.

if you’re landing and not hearing the callouts. Man put ur gears down