What's an airport you want to fly to but haven't flown to yet?

This I might need to think about :^)

My dream destinations change a lot over time so I can’t give anything definitive. Right now it’s some nice flights around the Pacific, such as Kiritimati to Honolulu and Brisbane to Port Vila.

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Air China and China Eastern can work (especially cuz there is the A350 now).
Or just use generic lol


Y’know, looking at all my 874 flights so far, I’m pretty much surprised that I haven’t visited Warsaw yet. One of my most anticipated destinations yet there’s… nothing.
Some other airports I really want to explore are GQNO, DIAP, GOBD, basically the whole of west Africa. Also really wanna fly to Urumqi, maybe the China Southern route from Vienna will suffice.

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Always wanted to fly to Alaska

Anywhere in the Bahamas, or Grand Cayman

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EW8, Canmore helipad. It’s an airport in IF but essentially impossible to land or takeoff at because it’s “runway” is 85 feet wide and it is as wide as it is long. The only way is to go on solo and give yourself a headwind and takeoff like a helicopter


United has a flight from SFO - to Chengdu! Equipment used IRL is the 787-8 but you can use the 787-9 also!

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kai tak is one airport that I really want to fly in. Although, I could be able to do that as my flyout event is in Kai Tak. Wich you can join if you want!!!

Saint Helena
Queenstown NZ

This feels wrong on so many levels ;)

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Hmmm… I haven’t been to several, but here goes:

  • FIMP (Mauritius) - Heard it’s really nice, I’ve been waiting for quite a while now to go there.
  • ZUUU (Chengdu) - Another airport I’ve been waiting to fly to, very underrated it seems
  • CYVR (Vancouver) - Believe it or not, I haven’t flown from Vancouver yet, it’s quite sad.
  • RJFF (Fukuoka) - Just want to explore Fukuoka, seems many people fly there.
  • RKPC (Jeju Island) - I’ve been waiting for this one after eating cake containing Jeju tangerines. It’s an interesting place.

I still cannot believe that i haven’t flown to Aspen yet. Definitely my next one to go to


I’d like to fly into Tegucigalpa in Honduras. I’ve heard they have a challenging approach

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I was just about to say the same!

Kai Tak, it has a lovely final that is different to most other airports

Literally, any airport outside of North America. I still haven’t left. :(

Leh airport (VILH).

The scenery is magnificent landing through the Himalayas. However, the mountains and runway do pose one of the trickiest landings in the world.


Paro, Bhutan. We’ll see.

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what if I land on a 7?

The 7’s are perfect 👌

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