What's a touch and go ??

What’s a touch and go ??

When you fly to an airport, touchdown on the runway, not exiting the runway to taxi to the runway again, but speeding up directly after touch down and depart (or remain in pattern)


Does it count as a landing ??

I realy don’t know

Yes it does

Then why are you answering?


I think this counts to “…cleared for the option…”
But the most controllers in Playground clear you for landing.

Please correct me if I’m wrong

Depends on if you have a controller that knows what they are doing or not.

Which I said, that the most of the Controllers clear you for landing…

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Sorry i dont do that anymore an i preciate how you bring this to peopel
I give you a like for that


Thanks all

Also, if you are unaware of how to fly a visual pattern, which is used to do touch and go’s, here’s a link to a great tutorial made by @Aernout. How to fly a (visual) pattern