What's a really good route to fly?

Hi. I was wondering, what’s a really good route to fly, where there is an easy flight plan and approach, where you can also get up to a high altitude? I like doing the San Clemente (KNUC) to Palm Springs (KPSP) as the length of the flight is just perfect (plus including all of the above), but the way points at KNUC are really bad and there is mountains close to KPSP which can sometimes be challenging.

London. Birmingham to Gatwick or Heathrow. If flying a smaller plane, maybe try London City.

Yes, I tend to do that too. I usually fly with Ryanair for that one :)

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KSAN-KBUR and do a flyby near KAVX and continue north. Very nice route

Maybe you could try these:


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WSSS-WMKK. It is a scenic route, plus it is a real usable route (MAB 738), (Air Asia a320, will be awesome.)


Any Hawaiian airport
Any Caribbean airport
The small mountainous airports in Seattle and Denver

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Cruise speed- 345kts
Distance- 170nm

Cruise speed- 320kts
Distance- 150-160nm

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