What's a Mod?

Continuing the discussion from Spotted a Mod!:

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In the forum: Someone who keeps the forum running smooth, removing threads and comments that shouldn’t be there for one reason or another.

IF Game: The ATC leaders. They have the power to promote/demote people from advanced ATC and other cool powers.

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Short for moderator

I’m not an ATC leader yet I’m an in-game mod, same goes for a few other mods around here ;)


Ahhh okay. And how can I become a mod?

You can’t just ask to be a mod. They have to trust you over time and then you need luck from there :D


You can’t simply become a mod, mods are chosen.


You have to believe in unicorns and have a spare $1000


Where do I send the $1000, I already believe in Unicorns and M@ likes me :)

If you want to be a bit abstract: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mod_(subculture)

I just wanted to know that. Thanks!

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Oh well glad I could help xD