Whats a flight route that you always keep coming back to?

Im pretty sure everyone here has that one route thats special to them and one that you keep coming back to over and over again without getting tired of it. Whats that route for you and why?

Mine personally is RPLL-VHHH (or vise versa)
Flying on either Philippine Airlines or Cathay Pacific.

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Inverness/Aberdeen-London Heathrow/Gatwick

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Just because there are many people there, nothing to do with the flight itself.

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It’s just the perfect flight for me.


Don’t know why but mine is WMKK-WAHH as AirAsia AK348 (Not vice versa)

EDDF-EGLL as it´s one that I fly frequently IRL.

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I always come back time and time again to:

My current home base location, Bali to Jakarta vice versa (about 1 hour), both in IF and real life.


It’s a powerfully special scenic route too particularly on sunsets in IF (mountainous) - even tho the updated SE Asia scenery pack hasn’t even been released yet!

I got obsessed with the above tropical route and even went as far as bringing a big notebook and pen onboard to record every single flight details minute by minute with my watch timer, when its banking, going up/down, engines idle duration, landmarks, unintentionally making the person sitting next to me nervous thinking what I’m up to lol! :D

LIRA-EGLL TS: from the heavens down to hell on earth
The world’s playground! (in IF)


No, not hell in real life but in TS, but I still love my LIRA - EGLL route (2.5 hours), from serenity of the alps in the tall distance down into the chaos of Heathrow ( TS ATC even swirled me around for an extra +30 minutes once in almost zero visibility and I crashed in the end from pilot fatigue due to prolonged ATC miscomm combined with VFR Into IMC :D ), it’s just really exciting to test your skills here! Like a trip to the playground each time lol :D

YBBN - YBTL detail ocean scenery wonders and YPPH - YAYE rare vertical landmark in IF
Ocean details and world heritage site in the red outback down under!


These are 1.5 hours or more trip, but you gotta try this, the Great Barrier Reef and all along the coastlines detail out in the sea on the right side of the trip is amazing! Also, I think Ulluru (Ayer’s Rock) is considered a rare vertical landmark that could exist in an IF map, and this World Heritage Site is trully a wonder of the world indeed, even in IF! For this purpose I use the CRJ to get a window view! :)

Soon I’d probably be back to my home base YPPH irl but don’t know yet which other routes to keep flying with, most Australian sceneries in IF are already so gorgeous!


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I always keep going back to EDDF → EDDG and for Longhaul EDDF → NZAA

YSSY-NZCH Sydney to Christchurch with the A320

My Personal Favourite Route is the 15 hour route between Mumbai and Newark and back on the Air India B77L


reason is…my two home countries :)


Every flight.

I keep doing EDDM to FAOR in the SAA 330

KMSP to KPHX with Southwest.
I also do KMSP to KMCO with Northwest a lot as that was a flight I did numerous times as a kid to Disney World.

Around Japan: Seas, mountains, islands, forests, towns. All-in-one.

EDDL-EDXW, EDDL-EDDF and EDDL-GCTS are routes that I fly frequently.

Routes I Fly often;

I always do the Dubai to Lax with the Emirates a380. It is a good 14 hours.


I always do KSEA to PANC or vice versa, I just love the pacific northwest.