Whatever Happened To The Supposed BA B777-300ER

I had remembered speculation over the British Airways B777-300ER being added to this recent update.This speculation was over a post from Laura in June. I am an IOS user so I have been reading through the livery lists and never saw this being on the list. 1) Was it accidentally forgotten 2) Left out with a purpose 3) And/Or was never a 77W?


We will have to wait and see…

IKR I would think it would be on the 77W but it must be for the -200ER

So it wasn’t added?, it’s a shame as there were lots of people who supported the aircraft, and I myself am upset at the decision not to add it

There is British Airways for the 777-200ER. None of the other 777 variants have this livery.

Understood, but was curious after the picture from June and it not showing up on the lists from the update

But you have to remember, they have to get permision to use a livery,

Laura probaly didn’t get a answer from British Airway to use there livery on the 77W

Option 3 is correct. A BA 77W was never planned

They have the many other aircraft with the British Airwyss livery so it wouldn’t be any issue

Thanks, was wanted someone else’s opinion

I sincerely don’t know, looks like a 77W by the wings (the wingtips).

I thought they have to get in contact with the airline each time they want to use there livery…

This is upsetting because British Airways is my favorite Airline, and the 77W is my favorite aircraft. The two together, make a beautiful combo. I really hope that eventually its added to the many 777 liveries.


I hoped for this one, it would have been nice to have it, but I am not going to lose sleep over it.

In My Opinion, Due to all the Work Getting Permission From BA, I Think it Will be Delayed, or it May Be in The next Two Updates.

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