What You Will Do First When the Update Comes Out?

Global could be coming in this update but we won’t have all the worlds airports because they’re not done yet.


IFAE have all airports but they’re just a bash and not very detailed, this is why IFAE exists ;)

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Why ppl need to be so negative🙁🙁🙁🙁😞😞😞

Let’s hope for best!

First thing I’ll do is run 5 laps around my house, throw a party, then fly a 787.


you’re right, there hasnt been any screenshot of it but I have seen Matt flying it numerous times before he jumped to working on the 777 series. He could have finished it and realized more work needed to be done on the 777 instead

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If the first EL AL Boeing 777

First I’ll play Pokemon and raise up my Bulbasuar to add it into my team. Then I’ll hopefully fly a United 777-200ER New Livery.

I’m getting my entire team to fly with me …thinking about it makes me wanna jump off an airplane 😂😂👍🏼image


It’s an army ._.

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I hope the update comes soon so I can fly the Singapore Airlines A350-900 from SIN - HND

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I hope to fly a BA 787-9 if it comes with the 777s, does BA operate 787s at JFK @Patrick_U

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I don’t think so

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No ba 787s to JFK


Hopefully I can fly From LAX to Chicago O’Hare.

ChknNRicegaming I always see u flying in SoCal Region advanced server 😊👍🏼

Fly the 777-300er etihad airways new livery

Well I would hop in a f22 and try go round the world as fast as I can

Gonna fly an A380 from LAX to LHR and then LHR to HAM