What You Will Do First When the Update Comes Out?

Yeah it is. I would probably have to wait q week because I have an iPhone ;~;

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Do what I did, get Kindle. For reading and…to have the update before it’s on your iPhone, haha.

;( I feel ya man

You sir, deserve an Oscar, Grammie, and a Noble Peace Prize combined into one.

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I would, it’s just that I would have to pay for everything and I don’t have enough money to buy a kindle or live+. (I know, I’m broke)

I will be hosting the 777 update event or the 787 update event.

Sorry, but @Robertdiaz123 and I have that planned already…

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Like completely planned out

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Does anyone think the 787 will be redesigned because I don’t see any pictures of it. [poll name=Update]

  • Yes, there will be a redesinged 787
  • No, there will not be a redesinged 787

I’ll press the update button. Radical, I know. ;)

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Yes, you can do one, and I could do the other :P

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Which other?

It depends … The 787 might not come out with the 777 … Global flight could come out before the 787.

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That sums it all up.

Fly from KTPA-KFLL Delta 77L

WSSS-WMKK new 777-300ER

On another note - We will not get Global Flight, and most likely not a 787.

Try to fly outside region to verify that Matt haven’t forget to lock the region boundaries (it was doable from july-december 2015)

Also, try to flight under the ground to verify is the bug was fixed (yes i called him “Bug finder”)

Never say never, Matt can surprise us, he doing that in multiples times in the past.

I will fly the LR first. And don’t get your hopes up for global this update, it’s not coming. And maybe the 787-9 will come because the devs starting working on the 777s a month and a half ago and we haven’t seen a new livery for quite a while. And maybe new engine sounds on the 777