What you think of this shot?

Hello everyone! I wanted to share this picture of my arrival in Tampa from London Gatwick. I feel it would be a great picture for the loading screen! Feel free to share your thoughts! Happy flying! :)

Username: Jesus _Gutierrez
Instagram: infiniteflight_sti


Great picture! Really love the 777!

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I love it too. Especially the ones with GE90s

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simple but perfect

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Thank you!!

Very nice pic! But sadly IF doesn’t accept edited photos.

Oh it’s fine lol

My head is processing it like a drawing? Lol! Nevertheless, it looks great!

Well it is a small edit from Instagram. But I thought it might look nicer with that edit

Mhm! It does!

I can tell that you buttered that landing bro.

Oh yeah how?

I’m just like that @Jesus_Gutierrez

that’s not entirely true, IF does not accept photos that have added features that are not in game. you can edit photos as long as you don’t make it seem like there’s features that there is really not

No he ment IF dosent accept edited photos for the load screen


Its a great one !

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Quite realistic 🔥


Nice photo.
And welcome to the community @SummerWalker

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Nice clean shot