What you say about the “Overspeed" warning

I say (no comment).It’s a good animation to the game.

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iOS players didn’t get update yet


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I think its great. It will help ATC for sure. It will also give people common sense


I think it needs to be polished but it is a good start.

I’m sure it will let us IFATC more focused on controlling.


It’s so annoying! 😭😭😭

I haven’t got it


I would be so amused If there’s someone screaming “OVERSPEED” repeatedly when it happens, everyone is going to get screamed at in the free flight server.


RIP IOS users like me

And me````

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It does. I love it.

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Radar Controllers will love it.
So do I.
There’s just no sense and slight bit of realism in flying 600+ kts on a 150nm route.
You want longer routes? Fly slowlier.

And me________________(dead)

#Sorry iOS users

But anyway,it would be a killer for global flight so I guess people have to start changing batteries in their devices

It is a killer that you can’t fly above airframe limitations?

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Well,thats how realism get into a game.

I see they are complaints about the Overspeed warning now.

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