What you miss from the old Updates

Hi all,
I missed the old Engine sounds, in addition of the old UI and old Other things
Did u missed to a thing that was in the old updates?
Pls comment down

No, the new engine sound is better and more realistic.


The US Airways A321

Cough cough


I like the new A321, anyway US airways doesn’t operate anymore??

The lack of lags.

You feeling bad? Wait my darling, Imma make you a tea. I know it’s hard to accept a loss of a loved one.

Just kidding. I miss it too :)

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The ATC background sound in the cockpit.


Less of the screeching sounds when the wheels hit the runway

That’s still there.

It nearly happens though I only hear it sometimes

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The sounds when you turn autopilot on that sounds like programming apples first computer

@Tyler_Shelton… “ATIS”. Get it done Mr. Shelton, times a wastin!


NWA and Pan Am dont operate anymore, but we have a few of those.