What you guys think about the CRJ? Is it too detailed or is it just right?

I my self my tablet is not all that powerful but is ok. Since the crj update came out the airplane is too detailed is lags Every time I fly it . The other aircraft’s don t do that .anyone agree

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You can always turn down quality settings in your menu.

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I do but it dont fix it

Be sure to restart your device before flights too.

Also, what device are you running?

Alcatel One Touch tablet

Their tablets are like 50 bucks on Amazon. I think it’s just your device isn’t powerful enough to run Infinite Flight.


I run all the sim on rendering resolution high. Texture quality medium is

First my did not cost $50 my guy

Well you need to be mro specific then. I searched the exact thing you sent me and all of the results I got were fifty bucks.

Trust me I been playing IF on it for two years if it was terrible I wouldn’t even try to use it for IF

Maybe what you checked was a use one

I don’t feel the CRJ is too detailed. With the wide range of devices perhaps the newer planes are causing some of the devices that are lower on the performance spectrum to work a little harder. For me make sure I am not in an external camera mode the whole flight.

Majority of the feature requests are new planes, liveries, working cockpits, clouds, buildings, etc. I think this should be an eye opening experience to those who are looking for everything possible to be included with the sim. When you are working with device limits everything has a cost. Sometimes it may be storage space, graphics performance, memory, etc. It is a fine balancing act that the developers must deal with which is why it takes time to develop new features.


Usually, better quality just means that your device may run a bit slower. It’s a trade off you have to make for a better aircraft, but I think that I speak for the majority of IF users when I say that I think it is nice to have a better aircraft and that I appreciate it more. Maybe it’s time for a device upgrade.

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Yea I agree with you . this aircraft is almost xplane level right now I think is Time for me to upgrade to a new device

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I can say this (having not looked at your device specifics yet)…my Samsung 12.2 Pro was top of the line 2-3 years ago and the device struggled with the 700, even with graphics settings on low. Bought a S3 Tab, and it’s running as smooth as can be. The S3 Tab may be one of the better ones now, but I expect it to be obsolete within a couple years time…that’s just the way it goes with technology.

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It’s not only the Infinite Flight settings by themselves, you also have to look to the other apps running in the background on your device. If you cut down on your phone storage and turn off apps the apps running in the background you will find that your device will run better.

I know you specifically do not but for anyone else, if you use an iPhone, going to an Apple Store and replacing your battery might help improve the overall perfomance of your device.

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For some reason mine still run good on high but just this plane alone which has problems

this the graphics i run

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Is funny. I use that taplet only
for IF

BINGO! I’ve got to agree with Chris 100% right here. The CRJ should be a wake up call for everyone for numerous reasons.

Teaching moment incoming…

Folks need to pick and choose their battle wisely. People are making feature requests for just about everything. Yes this includes goats, deer, and cows jumping across the runway. From my personal opinion, it appears that folks are trying to correlate Infinite Flight with a flight simulator that can be found on a desktop computer. FMS, VNAV, Rain, Clouds, Explosions when you crash, Gear tilt, the dreaded A350 that nobody wants (triggered) and the list goes on, and on, and on.

Quantity is not the goal in my opinion. Quality is. The fact that one wants more when they can’t even handle the norm should be concerning.

There’s an old fable that was a childhood favorite of mine and it was perfect for this moment, so thank you! We can take this situation that I described in the above paragraph and apply it to the fable that I have pictured below.

We are the boy/girl that is putting our had into a jar (mobile flight simulator) filled will what could be endless possibilities (features). We’re flooding these features with so much and yet we find that when these wonderful features are added, we complain because our device can’t handle it.

This is not a jab at the developers or the app whatsoever. Like I said before, this is a wake up call. Pick and choose what you want. And be careful about what you ask for before you bite off more than you can chew.

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