What you call Disconnection

Well, Hi everyone. I have a problem : I was trying to enjoying the FNF you know and a well-known message appeared on my screen. Problem? It was false. Let me prove it

Then, impossible for it to leave ( I tried to tap, double-tap, it does not want to disappear). Well just a display problem, nothing serious. Then I wanted to contact SBGR approach and noted another problem :

What is that? Well, I landed alone, I was very disappointed after 4hours of flights. (You know the headset was grey and not white.)
Not the ends of my troubles! I was begging to think about my topic on the community but when I ended the flight I had another good surprise :

Not the end of the bug (I did not screenshot [ I was furious ] but the little flight rating was indicating 3 violations, that I never deserved {overspeed in flight of course} and the logbook indicate 5 violations in one minute.
All of this to say that I am hungry because I am now Grade2 I can’t enjoy the FNF and I did not pay 90€ to be kicked out of the expert server for no reason.

I REALLY hope that you can remove these not deserved violations and make me return the expert server thanks.


You have got overspending violence and because of that you have been degraded wait until grade table workout and you will be back to you original grade


Unfortunately this is a problem you may encounter when your Live Server disconnects. Just beware of that.

@IFCaptainNore hopefully a Moderator can get rid of the violations you have received.


You’ll find a list of mods if you scroll down


I am too violent? Do you think normal that this message appear while I am far under the limits? This is a bug I am if it is possible to remove my violations. And yes i am upset because it throw away my flight and a week of expert server. What is a week? 1,80€. If I can’t enjoy the game for a bug I will ask to be reimbursed… yes i am angry and that is totally normal

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Hey! I understand you’re angry and frustrated but take it easy, we’re here to help.

A simple screenshot does not show the whole story. If you could please upload your replay to www.sharemyinfiniteflight.com, we can dive deeper into your situation.

If this is indeed a bug (although this happens very rarely), your violations will be removed. But we can only know that for certain if you can share the replay.

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I made a mistake not for “no reason” but “ as a result of an intern bug

Please note that it is a bug that 5 violations in one minute (17:30UTC) are recorded different days. Another proof for a bug.

Now please believe me I know and I recognize that I had a lot of overspeed violations but these ones are due to a bug. Not from my piloting

There is no issue with the timing the violations were given to you.

Before receiving a violation, you have a 20 seconds grace period where just a warning pops up. After the 20 seconds you will receive your first violation and 4 more violations every 20 seconds until you receive 5 in total which is when you will be kicked from the server.

Please check out my reply above and include your replay so we can see why you were given violations since you claim you were flying below the limit.

Showing an image of your speed after the reports just shows you slowed down. It doesn’t show what happened earlier.


Actually the warning should’ve disappeared when he slows down. I think you should talk to a mod or something @IFCaptainNore

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It should, but it’s known that it doesn’t.

The violations occurred 20 seconds apart, just as one would expect. He was disconnected from the server, just as one would expect.

If he shares his replay, you would see exactly when the violations occurred. If he shared his display name and/or callsign, a mod would be able to tell him exactly how fast he was going at the time.

I can count on zero fingers the number of times I’ve seen a post like this and the violations haven’t been easily detected post hoc.

There’s a reason that’s a still up there and not a replay.

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Usually when I got violation warning for example flying too fast below 10000 feet, the moment I slow down to below 250 knots the violation warning just disappears

Correct. But there’s a bug that when you get 5 and are disconnected from the server, it doesn’t disappear. It is two different scenarios.

I don’t know what to tell you. I just told you my connection is very poor and (I suppose) when I set the a/p at 294 kts it only physically set but not on your server. How do you explain that when I arrived my cruise altitude (a/p set 0.78) maybe one or two minute I was stabilised the warning appeared? And why the violation counting did not appeared? You know when you get a violation there is a message under the warning where it is marked violation 1/5 and 2/5 … 5/5 but it never appeared, I never (physically) exceeded 0.78.
Now I think that the speed a/p did not engage for your server and when I arrived my cruise level the speed increased slowly then exceeded 350 kts. But the proof that it is a bug/lag I do not know, is that the counting never appeared, the warning appeared while the a/p was set 0.78.
And I sent the replay at the website you told me yesterday. Did you received it? It confirmed my theory that it the a/p physically set but not on the server.
And my callsign is IFFRANCE164 if you need it.

What I say is that I never saw this speed. I was a/p set 0.78.
Please check the reply I sent to Tim B

Check your replay. If you need to upload it to us.

You most likely got ghosted by overspending, panicked, slowed down, the ghosting message disappeared, and the slow down warning kept on your screen. You then took the screenshot and posted the whole situation here. đź‘Ť

I did this before.

If you lost your connection that’s out of our control.

Another proof for a bug is that, if you look the screenshot i sent, you will note that violations did not recorded at the same time not the same day. But on the other screenshot they was recorded at 1 minute interval.
I am sorry if I was a little bit angry but it is totally normal.

Already uploaded to you but it deserve to nothing apart from confirming my theory of a bug / lag between my screen and the server

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If you include a link to your replay, you would then be able to show proof. Screenshots with no timestamp are not proof, they help but no one can make a decision without the replay.

Then we can check if you were at the same speed as in the screenshot.


I already sent my replay