What would you want to see in a Passenger update for IF? (Read Below)

Passenger Update can include:

  • Opening and Closing passenger doors
  • 3D Terminals with moving jetways or airstairs (depending on what type of airport)
  • Different trucks such as refueling and cargo/luggage, and even passenger buses (passenger buses only for airports with airstairs)

So what would you want to see? Is it one or more of the examples above or something else. Please tell me below, I would love to hear your thoughts!

This is not a feature request!! It is just collecting ideas.

3D buildings and trucks etc is feature requests that already exist, you could vote on them, remember you can only have one feature in one request

Remember I said what would you think about it or want to see in it, its not necessarily a feature request.

Then this shouldn’t be in #features.

Then why post it directly in #features?

i posted it in general it got closed. Look:

I made another post in general but it got closed.

I would suggest mentioning that it is not a features request, and it is for just collecting ideas. I am also not sure if it is a nessecary topic.

okay i will edit the post

This will come this reworks:

This one is a duplicate:

This one was also already requested:

If you got an idea that hasn’t been made into a feature request - sure, post it into #features

If you want to discuss these features and if people want to see them or not, the appropriate place to do so would be in the specific #features threads for the features you have specified in your post today!

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terminals and jetways!

What people wants to see, is indicated in #features by the number of votes.